The World Socialist Movement defines socialism as:

a worldwide society in which the means of life are controlled democratically by and for the whole community 


Today’s world is an interconnected whole or “global village.” So it is no longer possible to create a new society in a single country. World capitalism must be replaced by world socialism.

means of life

This refers to the natural resources, production facilities, transportation networks, and distribution centers used to satisfy human needs. It does not include personal belongings.

democratic control

Socialism extends democracy to the economy. The means of life are controlled democratically by the community, which owns them in common.   



What socialism is NOT

Socialism is NOT state or government ownership and control. 

Socialism is NOT rule by a party dictatorship.

Socialism is NOT social reforms within capitalism.

To the left and right you will find links to articles about various aspects of socialism by members of the companion parties that make up the World Socialist Movement. While all the writers share the same general outlook, some of the ideas are specific to the individual concerned.

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